Stay grounded...and reach for the sky.
Blue Sky OD Consulting specializes in executive coaching, organization development, and strategic talent management. 
  • We help executives set strategy, improve organizational design and structure, build capacity, manage change, and increase engagement. 

  • We work with managers to understand the current state of the organization, execute on strategic plans, utilize tools to help teams, and increase effectiveness of managers, individuals, and the entire department. 

  • We work with teams to help them to grow as a collective unit or individually through team coaching, open dialogue, professional development sessions, and customized seminars. 

Manage your team before your organization requires management intervention

Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Assess coaching goals via 360 degree assessments 

  • Utilize Blue Sky's 3-stage coaching model: personal insight development, action planning, and practicing new ways of being - to work through targeted development

  • Support team members executives/management though professional development

Organization Analysis / Strategic Advising
  • Assess organizational design and capacity for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Target and document strategic objectives in alignment with corporate goals

  • Develop simple plans and roadmaps for execution 

Team Effectiveness & Culture Development  

  • Determine team strengths and weaknesses

  • Identify skills and competencies of the team

  • Enhance workplace engagement via Culture Development Plans

  • Build communication capabilities and values as a fabric of the organization

Talent Management and Retention

  • Document development plans for the organization and individuals

  • Create succession plans by building deep and robust bench strength

  • Identify motivational techniques per retention pools, including reward/recognition programs

  • Identify and document performance goals

A smart business changes pro-actively.  Leaders must engage in ongoing activities that will improve the organization and make employees productive. Blue Sky will make sure your strategy aligns with tasks and activities that will get you where you want to go. We help your team understand what needs to be done, how to implement, and then provide team development so that you can work smarter, not harder. Our services are highly customized and include:

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