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Workforce Flexibility: An imperative for today's business (video link from Ernst and Young)

If you are questioning whether or not you are getting the most of your employees, you should consider your organization's support of flexible work arrangements. If you are wondering if your business can support non-traditional hours and office locations, stop questioning it and start trusting employees to be responsible and accountable to manage their own time. Don't risk losing high performing employees to another, more flexible company because you don't trust your workforce! If you give employees flexibility to get things done at their most productive times, they will likely give you more...and higher quality (Ernst & Young, 2012). Flexibility is a great benefit and also helps employees to be flexible in other ways, such as when the need arises to shift gears or deal with major organizational change. If you create the right infrastructure for communication and collaboration, there is no reason employees can't be as productive as being in the office from 9am-5pm. The work will get done and you will get as much, if not more, out of employees when they feel like you support them and trust them. Check out this video (Ernst and Young, 2012) to see how attracting and retaining 152,000 employees worldwide means supporting them, opening lines of communication, and being flexible.

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